Collection S/S22

The collection was inspired by her late grandmother who had immigrated to the country from Berlin in 1933. At first, she had great difficulty with the Levant (Middle Eastern) mentality, but at the same time found a way to integrate by engaging in child education. Her perception was very social as she was always harnessed to assist anyone who needed help. Shir's grandmother grew up with a creative ability and a highly developed aesthetic sense.
Her collection brings the woman forward. The clothes express the freedom, modesty, power, and the environment women symbolize.
She grew up in a home full of feminist vibes – her mother and her three sisters, her grandmother were always very influential in the household and made a strong impact on my artistic views.
The collection captivated all the inspirations she absorbed from the intellectual parts, creative ability and the very aesthetic sense her grandmother disseminated. shir can truly feel her heritage in every cloth in the collection.

Together with textile designer Michael Luria, from "Better in person" they created a full collection with unique patterns combining post carts, brushes, and many other elements from her grandmother's collection.